Operations/Purchasing Coordinator

Role, Requirements, and Responsibilities.

As the company Operations/Purchasing Coordinator, you will serve as a lead and/or advisory point of contact for operational duties related to manufacturing, shipping, purchasing, and sales. Responsibilities include managing domestic and international inventory purchasing, supervising inventory management, shipping/receiving, and general administrative tasks such as updating and maintaining company databases and internal/external communications.

You will use your written and verbal communication skills, as well as your competency in Ringcentral Phone System, Microsoft Office, and Google Business applications; such as Word, Excel, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Google Sheets.

You will be required to use and update administrative and operational records/communication via MRPEasy (ERP management system), Monday.com (Task Management Software), and Zendesk Sell (Sales CRM system). In addition to these responsibilities, you have general office and administrative duties coordinating between departments and communicating with key team members.

Operations/Purchasing Coordinator responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

● Creating and sending purchase orders

● Shipment tracking and coordination

● Inventory analysis and coordination

● Data Entry

● Review documents

● Accounting/bookkeeping

● Calendar management

● Conduct research

● Client relations

● Design and maintain filing and recording systems

● Handle information requests

● Prepare statistical reports

● Processing expense reports

● Answering phones and responding to client requests and inquiries.

● Managing and updating company databases.

● Keeping track of inventory and ordering supplies.

● Maintaining financial, employee, and client records.

● Organizing events, scheduling meetings, and making travel arrangements.

● Providing administrative support to other departments or projects as needed.

● Performing other duties as assigned.

● HR Support and Management: managing employee time entries, managing employee time off

and management of employment healthcare program

In addition to the responsibilities listed above, there will be new and added responsibilities as time goes on and as the role develops.